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ART BASEL 2018: The Place You Want Driven Miami to Take You to in December!

   November 14th, 2018

What is Art Basel?

Did you know December is the month when the Vice City transforms itself into the art capital of the world for a few days?! Not to imply that the Magic City is not active all-year-round when it comes to art, but for the last 16 years, Miami Beach had the honor of being a stage of annual art fair called ART BASEL. Miami is not the only place where it’s held though; Hong Kong and Switzerland are also the hot art locations, carrying the same name and vision. This Driven team can’t wait for this art fair to roll into the town… are you excited as well?


Why Should You Care about #Artbasel?


And moreover, why does Driven Miami care? To explain why that’s the case, you’ll have to understand that people in luxury transportation business need to to be on top of their game at all times. With that comes constant worry about the practical side of things, like “Is every car in the fleet cleaned up and ready to go?” “How much fuel will be spent for a drive from Port of Miami to Boca Raton?” “How many rides are on the agenda for today?” and so on. This team wants everyone to have an opportunity to hire a Miami limo near my location without any hustle, at reasonable rates, any day of the week. And of course, that isn’t  possible to arrange without hard work and true devotion

Spending time figuring out the routes to and from various points ins South Florida, often leave us without enough spare time to immerse ourselves in culture. But, events like #ART Basel are here to remind us that life is sooooo much more than transfers. Although Driven team loves all things related to transportation, that doesn’t mean that creative things don’t hold a special place in the hearts of your favorite black car service professionals in Miami.

Who Is Art Basel Miami Beach For?

Primarily, it’s for artist and art collectors, and all people who call art their business. Numerous galleries from around the world use #ARTBASEL to their advantage to put themselves on the map and to maximize the opportunity to sell their artwork worldwide. Don’t forget the fact that this fair draws the attention of many art students, art followers, and supporters from around the globe, so the amount of exposure one can get at a place like this is exceptional.

Connections are everything in this world and this may be a perfect setting to foster some significant ones. You could mingle away and put your best foot forward, or even improving on every first impression when you arrive in luxurious limo renal, right?

They also have activities for children, various conversations and discussions concerning the global contemporary art scene planned, so literally, anybody who has even the slightest interest in anything art-related is more than welcome!

When Is #artbasel2018 Taking Place?

This year, the dates to remember when it comes to this fabulous global get-together are December 6-9. To be more precise, days and hours when this event is open to the public are as follows:

  • Thursday, December 6, 2018, from 3 pm to 8 pm
  • Friday, December 7, 2018, 12 noon to 8 pm
  • Saturday, December 8, 2018, 12 noon to 8 pm
  • Sunday, December 9, 2018, 12 noon to 6 pm


Rely on Driven Miami to get you where art’s at. And on that note…

How to Get to Art Basel 2018?

Get to Art Basel 2018 - Driven Miami

The address you want to be at is Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139. And what is the fastest way to Miami Beach Convention Center?

Well, the answer to that question varies. On which South Florida’s airport did you land? Is your hotel is near or far from Art Basel? Do you want to visit some restaurants, tourist attractions, and shopping centers along the way? Are you a South Florida local, perhaps? Are you thinking about going out after?  There are many factors to consider!

Tell you what, call (305) 898-4315, share your plans with a skillful customer service representative, and they’ll jump at a chance to help you organize a fantastic black car service nearby designed with your needs in mind.

Where to Get Tickets and How Much Do They Cost?

Until December 6th, you can procure your tickets for this event only online. When the grand exhibition opens, you can purchase them at the box office in the West Lobby of the Miami Beach Convention Center. A Day Ticket is 50$ (60$ on site), and Permanent Ticket, valid for all 4 days of the fair, is 130$ (140$ at the Box Office). If you’re thinking about a group outing, that’s 40$ per person when you buy them online, and 45$ if you buy them on-site. In case you want to visit the DesignMiami global forum for design, think about getting a combination ticket for the price of 75$ (85$ in person). All students and senior citizens can get their tickets for the reduced price of 40$ (45$ on site), and all those wanting VIP treatments with various perks, should think about Premium+ Card for mere 450$ online (500$ on site).

No matter which ticket you get in the end, or which day you decide to visit you know that Driven Team will be by your side, right? Book a book your limo ride near Miami, to squeeze out all the fun and enjoyment out of this event.

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