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October’s in Town: What Should You Do in Miami?

Can you believe it’s October already? Jesus! It feels like all our summer clothes are still hanging in the closet while everyone’s looking for their autumn shoes, umbrellas, thick jumpers and other things to keep them warm. The good thing is that, even though spring in Miami is perfect, the fact warm (sometimes even hot!) temperatures span almost throughout the entire year (yes, even during autumn days) makes everything perfect for this already gorgeous country.

On that note, here are a few fun suggestions to put on your To-Do list as you kick off the autumn season in Miami throughout the month of October:

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Building Your Instagram Fan Base? Rent a Miami Limo to Get More Followers

No luxury is ever too much when you want to make an impression on your followers on Instagram, right? Right. Although the fascination with this online visual drug does tend to label you “shallow,” everyone knows that true influencers stop at nothing. Just look at Kim Kardashian.

To succeed in life and business, you need to have a solid business plan and a strategy to

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Enjoy Miami Spring 2018: 5 Things to Get You in a Great Mood

Thick jackets are off, open-toe sandals are game again and the gorgeous weather out is calling your name! For everyone who’s living in Miami or is just visiting, spring is the time to be here and enjoy every second of it. On that note, we’ve put together a list of super cool things you can do in Miami this spring (hint: some of them involve cruises, limo rentals, hot art life and other nifty treats!).


#1 Explore Art Deco Architecture

Although you don’t immediately go to “art” or “architecture” at the thought of Miami, you’d be pleasantly

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