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Do You Need a Ride to Ultra Music Festival 2019?

   March 26th, 2019

Spring is in the air, and with it – promises of a fantastic spring break worth remembering! And let’s not forget about the main event of the season on everybody’s mind = ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL! Miami is going to be the hub of all-things-EDM-related this weekend aka (March 29th – 31st 2019), so – prepare to have a good time!

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Who Wants to Dance, Ride, Repeat?

Ultra Music Festival 2019

Ravers, do you have your tickets ready? Over 150,000 electronic dance fans from all over the world will gather at one of the biggest music festivals on the globe! Are you in?

In the name of soaking in all the good vibes and performances of the most popular DJs on the current techno scene, let’s have a little talk.

All that music, fluorescent lights, new connections, and overall experience is incomparably better if you have a safe and reliable way to get back home.

And how convenient is it that you found yourself on the web-page (on this very blog post, to be more exact) of the nearest Miami limo company with a dedicated team that will give their all to help you with your transfers during Ultra Music Festival 2019! Talk about lucky!


But People, Is Ultra Music Festival Worth It?

Hm, your favorite providers of black car services close to Miami are hardly the right people to answer that question.

On the other hand, over the years this Driven Miami team has transferred a lot of festival goers, spring-breakers from their hotels to airports,  from restaurants to other Miami attractions. That being said, the stories from the back seat ranged from satisfactory to downright amazing!

From “How much fun they had last night when DJ so-and-so did that thing with lights” and “How the crowd was on fire when the bass dropped” to “Did you see that cute guy jumping next to me? ”

The overall impression is: if you’re a connoisseur of electronic music and festival surroundings suit you, there’s nothing not to love about ULTRA adventure!

What Driven team can state, with absolute certainty though, is the fact that getting Miami town car ride near me during this beautifully hectic days is absolutely worth it!

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What’s the Location of the Ultra Music Festival 2019?

Location - Ultra Music Festival 2019

Another good question, you keen festival enthusiasts! Good old Bayfront Park is no longer home to this electro-music extravaganza. This year is the first time when all magic will happen at Virginia Key Beach Park and Miami Marine Stadium.

This raver’s heaven is no longer held at good old Bayfront Park, but it’s moved to Virginia Key! The hot spots where all the magic will happen are Virginia Key Beach Park and Miami Marine Stadium. And don’t worry that’s only circa 13 miles away from MIA, 40 miles from FLL and 90 miles away from PBI, and you’ll get there and back in a pinch! Given that you opt for the right private car service Miami nearby, naturally.

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How To get to and from Ultra Music Festival 2019?

This year, Ultra organizers have arranged coordinated shuttle transportation to and from the event,  free of charge! Isn’t that amazing?

And although it’s praise-worthy that they are being mindful of the festival’s impact on local carbon emissions and traffic, you’ll have to agree, having Miami’s top car rental service close to you sounds so much better!

It’s true, group transportation with strategic pickup and drop off locations in the vicinity of major hotels and bus/train stops is a wonderful solution… But is it the most convenient one? Exactly!


What Is the Price of Hourly Miami Chauffeured Service near My Area?

The burning question! How much will livery service close to my location cost me? The ultimate transfer convenience comes at a price, but with Driven Miami the ”luxury ride tax” comes at a fairly reasonable quote. Just give booking widget on the homepage a go, and you’ll see how budget friendly the best limousine rentals in Miami truly are.

You will give a bit more than 0$ but you’ll have comfort and freedom that you simply won’t get with group transportation. #truth


Any Last Minute Tipps?

Of course!

  •         – Drink plenty of water because Miami heat can be unbearable at walking pace, let alone when you dance the night away
  •         – Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen!
  •         – Save (305) 898-4315 under “Driven Miami” on your phone. You’ll thank us later
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