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How to Enjoy Miami in 2019 on a Semi-Tight Budget: Tips & Tricks for an Awesome Time

   June 3rd, 2019

Graced with turquoise waves and white sand, the gorgeous Miami beach spans for over two miles along Miami southeastern tip and makes for the perfect spot to remove yourself from the busy city life, at least for a few days. If you are a visitor escaping harsh weather conditions, once again – you are in luck. Other than being a sight for sore eyes in every way possible, Miami is the center of various cultures, cuisines, festivals (some of which you may have never heard of before!) and a nightlife like you’ve seen in movies.

If you are a local looking to expand your Miami experience or a visitor hoping to get the most of Miami, here are a few suggestions on how to enjoy Miami in 2019!

Take a Cruise

Take a Cruise - Enjoy Miami

If you love the sea and are all about broadening your horizons, then hop down to the Miami Port and check out all those cruise-lines you can go for – solo or with your family. Every cruise is an experience in its own, with multiple tropical excursions and activities included in the trip.

What’s extra beautiful about taking a cruise in Miami is that each cruise house offers a different set of activities and destinations to explore, so – depending on your tastes and general expectations, there’ll always be something to keep your eyes sparkling! How to get from the airport to the Port of Miami? Book the nearest black car with Driven Miami, as every local would. You know what they say – when you want to enjoy, go all in. By the way, the same applies to Port Beach transportation and Port Everglades.

Enjoy the Beach

Coming to Miami or living here without enjoying the gorgeousness that Miami beach is – is a waste of life! Even if you are not that big of a swimmer, there’ll be plenty of stuff for you to do at the beach, promise! From flying kites, building sand castles to enjoying the sun and, well, catching waves – you’ll love every segment of it. However, do keep in mind that temperatures can get up into the 90s plus quickly so remember to reapply sunscreen as often as possible!

Treat Yourself to a Limo Ride in Miami

Why book a limo ride in Miami? You mean, why NOT book one! Other than reaping the benefits of riding like a Lord in a fantastic Miami limo nearby, you are keeping your sanity in check while letting someone else manage the wheel! Plus, everyone knows how big of a problem Miami parking is (with an average parking spot costing around $4/1hr), so why bother? Driven Miami is all in, providing the finest black car service in the area.

Need an airport transfer to and from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Ocean Reef, and West Palm Beach Airport? Done! Want to check out Miami attractions or go down to the seaport in a jiff? Yes, please! Driven Miami is fully aware of what a modern consumer wants and needs, and – lead by that knowledge – designs the services you’ll benefit from.

When you book the nearest limo near me with Driven Miami, you also get the option to book a Miami shopping tour service and get a transfer arranged to any of the famous Miami hotels without worrying how to get back home or to your hotel. Naturally, you can also check out Miami nightclubs and pool parties that are beyond this world, and still have a chauffeur on standby, waiting to take you back. Still wondering why book a Miami limo? Thought so.

Take a Walk

Take a Walk - Take a Cruise

You’d be surprised what all you’ll find in Miami if you just take a light walk around. Take yourself out on a date in Miami, buy some ice-cream or some other deliciousness around and let yourself take in the beauty of Florida’s cultural, economic and financial center. With so many great street art murals, fascinating sculptures and statues, overwhelming architecture and cultural diversity to capture, you’ll end this walk re-born. Let vibrant artistic colors bring you joy as you snap around with your camera.

Visit Vizcaya Museum and Garden

Looking for a boost of culture? Good! Don’t miss out on this historic landmark that’ll take you back in time to 1910! Each room is full of rich history to absorb, with breathtaking gardens outside that’ll blow your mind. You’ll be greeted by sea-formed statues in flowers, a stunning grotto, and a lovely cafe! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you MUST TRY chocolate chip cookies in the café. Your pallet will thank you!

NOTE: If you don’t want to walk around too much, rely on Driven Miami to take you to Vizcaya Museum and Garden. Give us a call at (305) 898-4315 or voice search for a black car service nearby, and voila!

Try New Foods

Are you a food buff? Good for you! Miami is filled with wonderful food possibilities, all from fast food delicious plates to healthy choices. Ask a local for recommendations or enjoy Miami’s famous food-chains and best restaurants in Miami; you’ll find that all food is relatively inexpensive for the serving size given – so, dig in!

Be Adventurous

Be Adventurous - Take a Cruise

You can’t let yourself spend time in Miami without doing crazy, adventurous stuff! Enjoy a day wind sailing, snorkeling, sail fishing, paddle boarding, deep sea fishing, and more. The coast is lined with fun jaunts for any type of family or friend group. Miami attractions are to die for, so take your pick!

If you are staying in Miami for more than a day (hopefully, you are!) try not to squeeze all activities in a single day! Give yourself the permission to enjoy fully, take it all in, and make memories you’ll want to repeat. Driven Miami is at your disposal for all rides in Miami and around. Give us a call!

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