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Miami is famous for its astonishing nightlife, and predictably: it has the best clubs in the country.

Whether you’re looking for Latin beats, rock, hip-hop, or world’s biggest DJs you will find it there. From Downtown to South Beach, from Little Haiti to Little Havana, every part of Miami’s cultural life keeps people on the feet till sunrise, and sometimes even later. Driven Miami will gladly provide you with luxury transportation so you can have VIP experience while you are partying in Miami Nightclubs.

Miami Nightclubs recommendations:

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There is no place like LIV when it comes to an great party. Located in the famous Fontainebleau, this huge club has magnificent light effects and VIP tables near the dance floor. It hosts world-class DJs such as Steve Angello, David Guetta, and Tiësto. Bring your best suit to impress because this is one of the toughest places in town to get past.

The Ball & Chain

The Ball & Chain is a live and dance music venue which offers food, drinks and colorful and fascinating history to domestic guests and people from abroad. Originally established in 1935, in this historic place played legendary artists such as Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole and Duke Ellington. It started again in 2014, continuing its heritage as a center of premier entertainment in Miami.

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Located in the Wynwood Art District this club is best known for its progressive musical program from rising rap stars to famous DJs, and unconventional artists of all kinds. With no real stage, musicians play on “the carpet”, there’s nothing that separates artist and audience which makes unique experience of up-close personal shows. Decorated with old books, pool table and posters of 60s-era sex girls Bardot aims for Parisian-style.

Do not sit on the furniture

The credo of this place on the beach is right there in the name: don’t sit, you need to dance, dancing is the whole point. It’s skillfully decorated, with gold-painted cassette tapes lined from ceiling to floor and a dance stage covered with a red flying saucer for a light fixture. During the performance club is kept very dark, except for those moments the fixture flashes and lights everything around you. Partially owned by world famous DJ-producer Behrouz it’s known for top-tier guest acts and underground sensibilities.

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