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Enjoy Miami Spring 2018: 5 Things to Get You in a Great Mood

   April 25th, 2018

Thick jackets are off, open-toe sandals are game again and the gorgeous weather out is calling your name! For everyone who’s living in Miami or is just visiting, spring is the time to be here and enjoy every second of it. On that note, we’ve put together a list of super cool things you can do in Miami this spring (hint: some of them involve cruises, limo rentals, hot art life and other nifty treats!).

#1 Explore Art Deco Architecture

Although you don’t immediately go to “art” or “architecture” at the thought of Miami, you’d be pleasantly surprised how many stunning architectural elements there are in this exotic city. Spectacular cultural attractions ranging from historic and contemporary architecture to classical and modern art will have all art buffs gawk at the amazing sights, and maybe even inspire them to create their own art! Roam around Miami on your own, take a self-guided tour or trust the locals to point you to some of the most memorable Miami Art Deco architecture. Either way – you can’t go wrong.

Hint: Keep your phone and/or camera charged and close – there will be plenty (and we mean PLENTY) of photo opportunities!

Miami Architecture - Enjoy Miami Spring 2018: 5 Things to Get You in a Great Mood

#2 Go on a Cruise

When in Miami, it’s understood you’ll enjoy a dip in Miami waters and hopefully go on a cruise, too! A spring sightseeing cruise is a totally awesome option for all the out-of-towners who look to bask in the gorgeousness of colorful Miami, but a great option for the local-patriots as well, all those who look to give their everyday an exciting spark (well, from time to time at least).

A sightseeing cruise of Biscayne Bay will let you enjoy some of the most striking city views like the Miami Herald Building, the Venetian Islands, American Airlines Arena, and plenty other sights. Whether you are traveling alone or with the fam, going on a cruise is probably one of the most memorable things you can do. For an A-rate experience, kick-start your unforgettable vacation with a limo transfer to and from Port Everglades, a professional seaport limo transfer fit for kings. When you pair up the luxury of your cruise and an exceptional limo service – you’ll have something to talk about for years to come!

#3 Visit Animal Parks

All avid animal lovers will love Miami wildlife: go to the Zoo Miami to check in on some of your favorite animals, just to say “Hi” and make sure they are doing fine in their modern and spacious enclosures. Miami Zoo is home to species from across the globe, offering animal buffs a great deal of variety to enjoy. Guess what? You can feed some of the animals, too!

When you feel like taking a break from your favorite furry creatures and paying a visit to the aquatic world, take a stop at the Miami Seaquarium. Apart from enjoying the beautiful aqua world, you’ll have the opportunity to attend educational seminars focused on Miami Zoo’s rehabilitation efforts and learn something about animals’ rescue. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Animal Park - Enjoy Miami Spring 2018: 5 Things to Get You in a Great Mood

#4 Stop at the Pérez Art Museum

Ask anyone in Miami what their favorite museum is, and you’ll hear a unanimous verdict: it’s the Pérez Art Museum! With its delightful regular and temporary exhibits that focus on both local and international art, no wonder Pérez ranks so high! Although most exhibits predominantly focus on contemporary and modern art, everything in Pérez screams international aptitude! An extra flair to the Pérez visit comes with the fact its location is nothing short of being delightful, giving you the opportunity to check out the awe-inspiring views of Biscayne Bay!

#5 Relax on Beaches

Love to swim? Hit the beach(es), stat! If you want to stay on the budget-friendly side of things, go for more affordable options like public parks and beaches, but – if you want a full-Miami experience, choose any of the privately owned, deluxe beaches around. We love Crandon Park Beach, North Hollywood Beach Park, Matheson Hammock Park Beach and Crandon Park Beach (to name a few) for their welcoming spirit, fitted for both individual and family visits.

In case you’d rather stay in the shades for a while and enjoy Miami greenery, check out North Shore Open Space Park as your first option. You may find a few bike trails open, too!

Beach Miami - Enjoy Miami Spring 2018: 5 Things to Get You in a Great Mood
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