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Building Your Instagram Fan Base? Rent a Miami Limo to Get More Followers

   June 14th, 2018

No luxury is ever too much when you want to make an impression on your followers on Instagram, right? Right. Although the fascination with this online visual drug does tend to label you “shallow,” everyone knows that true influencers stop at nothing. Just look at Kim Kardashian.

To succeed in life and business, you need to have a solid business plan and a strategy to launch you to stardom. When it comes to Instagram, things are simple: the more luxurious things look, the better they feel to followers. Everyone loves a bit of pretense and that’s exactly what they’re getting on Instagram.

Apart from lavish vacations, Miami pool parties, shopping tours and expensive outfits, hip restaurants and trending Miami clubs, the thing that always nails it on Insta are expensive cars, limousines, and motorcycles whose brand names you can’t even pronounce.

If you are looking to build your Instagram fan base, here’s why renting a limo (and posting pics in and of it!) will make all the difference:

It Makes You Look Rich

The truth about Internet influencing is that you don’t have to actually be who you want others to think you are. While being rich is awesome, looking it works just fine for your Instagram presentation. When you rent a limo that looks lavish, spacious and extravagant enough to take you to every next A-list event, your followers will see you the way you intended them to: rich, a bit spoiled and eating out of a silver spoon.

Sorry, superficiality runs the Internet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the benefits of it, right?

Building Instagram Fan Base? Rent a Miami Limo to Get More Followers

You Position Yourself as a Socialite

Socialites have always been running the show one way or the other, but the feeling we all have is that things have gone to an extreme in the last 5 or so years. In 2017 we’ve seen more Reality TV shows than we can count, glorifying no-work-all-play mindset and its protagonists who seem to have it all. Why isn’t anyone stopping it? Well, people love it, and that’s the endpoint. On that note, to pique your followers’ interests, make sure the limousine you rent is worth every “follow” you get.

Miami’s finest limo fleet will get your followers drooling (we drooled a little bit too, tbh) and you – super satisfied with the rental you’ve got. Driven Miami offers luxury sedans and SUVs along with the jaw-dropping Mercedes S550. To get the most bang for your buck, book By the Hour or Point to Point service with Driven Miami and ask your chauffeur to stop at hot locations to take pics of you and your lavish life. Seriously, why wouldn’t you! You’ll have a fantastic time and maybe even get a few giggles out of it!

Everyone Wants to Be You

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the moment your followers see you in your limo rental, they’ll want to copy it – and why shouldn’t they! While you do want to position yourself high among the Instagram stars, you still want to keep a grounded relationship with your followers. Once you let them know your limo was a rental and point them to your limo provider, they’ll be over the moon that they too can afford the luxuries of their favorite Instagram star!

Ah, limo rentals – making people happy since God knows when… right?

Rent a Miami Limo to Get More Followers

You Don’t Spend Much, but Get Everything

Renting a limo with Driven Miami is super affordable even though it looks more expensive than your next two paychecks combined. What is more, giving away that opulent and somewhat seductive vibe, your limo rental will hit the nail with your followers in every way possible – they’ll envy you, admire you, want to be you and – they’ll want to try the limo you rented! So, next time you give Driven Miami a call and your followers a juicy peak into your lavish life, make sure the black car you’ve rented counts!

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