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Best Restaurants in Miami

Miami has a rich, vibrant scene and some of the world’s best restaurant chains call Miami Beach their home.

Miami Restaurants

Going out for a meal in Miami is always a special occasion on its own, but if you are looking for the perfect restaurants to celebrate love, friendship or new business partnerships, then you can always add more class simply by renting a limo in Miami.

Best Restaurants in Miami, Prime 112 | Driven Miami

Prime 112

Miami has plenty of great restaurants to offer to tourists and locals alike, but we simply have to present one of the best ones out there – Prime 112. This chophouse is famous for its rib-eye steaks, Kobe beef, mouthwatering filets and a flashy scene. Oh, and let’s not forget fried Oreos. The owner of the restaurant likes to say that Prime 112 offers both the scene and the cuisine. This restaurant is known to be bit pricey, but customers are generally satisfied with the exquisite food and scenery.

Make sure to reserve on time, because the demand is high. While we are at reservations, you can also arrive at the restaurant in style – with a luxury limo.

Best Restaurants in Miami, Milos by Costas Spiliadis | Driven Miami

Milos by Costas Spiliadis

What do you get when you combine the posh scenery, freshly caught diverse selection of fishes, and a healthy meal choice that tastes amazing? You get Milos by Costas Spiliadis! This Mediterranean seafood eatery and fish market offers both fish flown in from the Mediterranean, and the fish that’s caught straight in Miami.

But one thing is certain – the taste is otherworldly! This restaurant is also deemed to be pricey, but frequent visitors swear that it’s worth it. Book Driven Miami limo for a perfect date and a perfect ride to Milos by Costas Spiliadis.

Casa Tua

Lanterns shine the light on the patio that leads the way to the Casa Tua – a small, cozy and very romantic oasis situated in South Beach. This Italian cuisine place has an amazing, candle-lit garden, sensual atmosphere perfect for the first, and any subsequent date. The tip we have to offer: reserve well in advance.

Having an important celebration? Book Driven Miami limo service to the finest restaurants and we will take you on a ride of your life – treat your loved one with a special date night.

Best Restaurants in Miami, Hakkasan | Driven Miami


Hakkasan is the premium Cantonese cuisine restaurant located near Miami’s Mid-Beach, in the Fontainebleau Hotel. Guests love to visit Hakkasan for their exotic menu and sample the nectars from their award-winning wine list, recommended by an excellent sommelier. The interiors are chic and trendy, just like the crowd that frequents this restaurant. This place is a hotspot in Miami, so make sure you reserve on time.

Taste the world-renowned dim-sum, any item from the dessert menu, or Peking duck. Hakkasan has a range of signature cocktails like Hakka, Hakkatini, Lychee martini, Saketini and many others. Make a complete day out of it and book limo transportation in Miami at great prices.

Best Restaurants in Miami, Nobu | Driven Miami


Visit Nobu with Driven Miami limo service! This upscale restaurant offers a unique fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. Chef Nobu created this trend, drawing inspiration from his life experience, since he was trained in classical sushi techniques in Japan and traditional cuisine in Peru, Argentina. This one of a kind blend will leave you amazed and sated. Set in a beautifully decorated environment, the Nobu restaurant is often frequented by people with refined palates.

Book Driven Miami limo service to the famous hotels and enjoy your ride as much as you would your meal!

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