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Miami – The Hottest Place for Partying

   March 4th, 2020

The Ultimate Miami Nightlife Guide

For all of you party people that didn’t visit Miami yet – this is a wake-up call! With Driven Miami as your trusty limo driver, let us go in style to some of the best parties in the world. In this city, the temperatures never go down, and the party never stops. You can go to a different place every day of the week and have a blast every time. After you’ve finished sunbathing at the beach and done your shopping, it’s time to get that little black dress/your fanciest shirt out and start bar-hopping for the night. Driven Miami, your reliable limo service near you will make sure you get to your destination in style and come back – safely. Let’s dive into some of the famous places in Miami that have fantastic nightlife.

Night Life - Miami Party

Miami Beach

Partying hard is Miami Beach’s specialty. If you’re a type of person looking for adventure and excitement, then this scene is perfect for you. There’s a ton of dance clubs, hotel bars and dive bars for you to choose from. The South Beach is notoriously famous for its astonishing night clubs. The Clubs of South Beach have continually managed to feature international pop and hip-hop artists as well as DJs before avid fans. Many celebrities also have parties of their own in the VIP section, if they’re not performing. Ever since the ’90s, this trend has been going on, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping. From sundown to sunrise, you will be amazed at how much this part of Miami has to offer.

Best Clubs in Miami Beach:

  • LIV – One of the most popular night clubs in South Beach. This is a popular hangout for many world-famous celebrities like the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, and Calvin Harris. LIV has a modern and futuristic feel to it, brilliant light effects, and VIP tables close to the dance floor.
  • Story – The other mega-club experience is this one, and it’s literally LIV’s sister because the same company is behind both Story and LIV. Taught by experience and passion for partying, this massive night club is equipped with the latest sound systems and concert style lighting and visuals.
  • Mango’s Tropical Cafe – For a positive atmosphere, dancers, DJs, and live music, definitely go to this club. Mango’s is a perfect blend of classic supper clubs of the past and exciting nightlife experience of today. With a diverse program that runs every day of the week, you will surely find something that suits your taste.

  • Miami Beach is perfect for: Adventurers, hard-core party people, pop music fans.


    For a more laid-back, but still exciting scene in Miami, head on over to Wynwood. Wynwood is full of hipster bars and lounges, craft beer places, as well as restaurants with delicious food. It’s a perfect place for a pleasurable evening filled with different flavors and enjoyable music. More culturally oriented venues have created leeway for another type of audience. With famous contemporary art galleries and show-stopping street art, nightlife in Wynwood definitely offers a different, but not less impressive experience. You should definitely visit Wynwood during Second Saturdays Art Walk. This is the time when galleries stay open late, and a plethora of food trucks line up ready to sell you tasty street food.

    Best Clubs in Wynwood:

  • Wood Tavern – For an affordable night out with friends and delicious craft beer on a beer garden patio, go to Wood Tavern. For snacks, you can turn to their taco stand, which makes very delicious tacos that are renowned in the neighborhood.
  • 1-800-LUCKY – Want a late-night party with electronic beats, with a side of some Asian cuisine? Then this club is perfect for you. The night club features a retro aesthetic, industrial design with neon lights. There’s also karaoke and private events organization for if you want to throw a party yourself.
  • Racket – For a more classic nightlife experience, head on over to Racket. Most nights, there’s a DJ live playing upbeat dance beats. In Racket, you will find an outdoor atrium, a central bar, and the back bar. In the style of other clubs in Wynwood, however, you can also order grub.

  • Wynwood is perfect for: Foodies, hipsters, art nerds, and laid-back party people.

    Downtown Miami

    Downtown - Miami Party

    The heart of Miami is brimming with people no matter the time of day. The energy doesn’t change when night comes round; however, some places light up. In Downtown Miami, you can see lots of skyscrapers, trendy hotels, bars, and clubs that are open late into the night. The best part of it all is you can reach everything on foot. This is a popular area of Miami for happy hours, where lots of young and hard-working professionals come after work to relax and wind down. The bar scene in Downtown Miami has gained popularity rapidly, and today, they’re packed almost every day. Downtown has been lacking in entertainment space and venues for a long time, and now it’s one of the top places for partying in the world. You can find some of the best cocktails and rooftop bars in the world exactly here.

    Best Clubs in Downtown Miami:

  • E11EVEN – This club is one of the most immersive and unforgettable experiences you can have. This unique 24/7 Ultraclub brings entertainment to a new level with top-tier celebrity performers. With many awards won for best concept and nightlife, E11EVEN deserves to be mentioned on this list.
  • The Corner – For a fabulous bar, the Corner takes the cake. This place offers impressive grub, cocktails, and beer. This cool local spot hosts jazz nights every Tuesday with both famous and local jazz artists in a dimly lit, atmospheric, and laid-back surrounding.
  • Jaguar Sun – In the lobby of X Miami apartments in Downtown Miami, you can find Jaguar sun, a perfect place for delicious cocktails and food (try the pasta, it’s fantastic). This is where the local crowd gathers the most, so you can get that homey feel inside, and still have fun.

  • Downtown Miami is perfect for: Casual to hard-core party people, getting to know the locals, bar-hoppers.


    This Miami neighborhood has long been an obscure place. Although it was often overlooked, it suddenly exploded with a vast amount of cultural activities due to close proximity to the ocean and a high-quality gastronomy scene. This part of the town offers unparalleled shopping, entertainment, and food. For everyone visiting Miami, this neighborhood is a must. When the night comes, that’s when you can go to the local bar or a club and have a refreshing cocktail or craft beer. During the day, you can go shopping at the Brickell City Centre. This is the new Miami landmark consisted of multiple high-rise buildings that serve as both residential and commercial space. After that, gussy up and take a stroll to some of the coolest bars and clubs in Miami.

    Best Clubs in Brickell:

  • Sidebar – This place is excellent for low-commitment partying. In other words, it’s affordable and not as hectic as some night clubs tend to be. The music played by Sidebar’s DJs is a tasteful blend of classic hits with pop sounds of today. You can throw some moves in the backyard or play pool and games inside with friends.
  • El Tucán – Experiencing the glamour and extravagance of Cuba is possible at this spectacular cabaret show. If you want to listen to live music and watch performances like never before, then this is the place for you. With Afro-Latin to Parisian pop sounds and a diverse roster of world-renowned DJs, it’s never boring at El Tucán. 
  • Blume – This high-end nightclub has a gorgeous garden bar terrace. Blume offers a fusion of high energy and easygoing atmospheres with its inclusive setting and charming outdoor patio. The nightclub features only the best in live music entertainment, from house to open format.
  • Brickell is perfect for: Having fun in a group setting, dancing, playing games, enjoying performers.

  • Miami Limo Service for Nightclubs

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