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Top 9 Things to Buy in Miami

   February 19th, 2020

Are you visiting one of United States’ most iconic places called Miami? Trust Driven Miami when you hear that you will have an unforgettable time! As with all tourists, there are some awesome places to visit and even better souvenirs to buy. With Miami Shopping Tours you can book a tour around Miami and find all the things you find interesting on this list! Here are some of the must-have items you should bring home to keep in fond memory of your trip to Miami, or to bring to a friend, significant other or a colleague as a quirky and interesting gift.


Cigars - Things to Buy

Miami is a place of a thriving Cuban population. There are plenty of Cuban cuisine, both urban and restaurant food that you can indulge in, as well as high-quality Cuban cigars. These cigars can make a splendid gift for a respected colleague, friend or partner. You can find a plethora or Cuban family owned shops that sell carefully crafted and rolled cigars at great prices.

Herbs & Spices

Make sure you visit Little Havana which is a place filled with local markets with a huge variety of herbs, spices and other local flavors. Get inspired for creating Latin meals at home with these authentic flavors: adobo blends, mojo marinades, and complete seasonings that include a wide range of spices.


Miami beachwear is on a completely other level. With an average of 248 sunny days per year, Miami is one of the sunniest US cities. It’s no wonder to see some breathtaking beachwear that you can wear almost all year round there. So, why not take a cool piece from one of the worldwide recognized designers such as Bruce Weber (a local with worldwide recognition), Lazaro Hernandez, or of course, the iconic Gianni Versace.

Miccosukee Craft

Bringing home a valuable, hand-crafted souvenir that is representative of a people can be an amazing thing to gift to someone or keep in fond memory. The handmade products of the Miccosukee tribe of Florida include a wide array of items: from jewelry and baskets, to dolls and clothing items. Make sure to give a visit to the Miccosukee Indian village and learn about their history and culture that predates Columbus.


Jewelry - Things to Buy

Miami is also well-known for ocean-themed jewelry. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets made from seashells, corals or pure turquoise are a showstopping piece of accessory. All these pieces are naturally sourced from the Caribbean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean. You can find these jewelry pieces mostly at the South Beach of Miami, at amazing prices.

Jams & Honey

A tropical paradise such as Miami is a great place for orchards and beekeepers. You can find amazing locally grown exotic fruit and other products such as jams and marmalade in the farmers markets at Lincoln Road. These delights are not expensive and have a uniquely distinctive taste. Local beekeepers and farmers also sell their products all around Miami, so you just got to keep an eye out.

Funny T-shirts

It’s not a souvenir if it’s not a Miami T-shirt with a wacky print or writing! It may be a little cheesy, but it’s never not funny. The large Latino population in Miami created leeway for some amazing cross-cultural shirts that are worth looking at. You can find them at almost any corner of markets and promenades across the city.

Art Deco Posters

Art Deco - Things to Buy

The Miami Beach and the Art Deco architecture style have become almost synonymous in today’s culture. By taking a walk through the Art Deco district of Miami you will get a chance to see ethereal and delicately restored buildings with intricate motifs and beautiful colors. This picturesque image of decadent leisure can be captured in many of the Art Deco posters you’ll be able to find at in gift shops at the Miami Beach.


This Latin style of shirt has become very popular in Miami in the last decade. It can be worn in both casual and formal outfits and it’s very comfortable, perfectly made for the hot Summer months. If you want a high-end guayabera made from quality linen, then head to family owned businesses.

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