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Why You *Don’t* Want an Awesome Limo Service for This Valentines Day

   February 8th, 2019

So, *that* date is coming up again! Ugh. The fabled result of diabolical conspiracies between florists, heart-shaped candy makers, and postcard salesmen! Yeah, you better believe that all “happy couples” will post their obnoxious pictures all over social media, so consider this your fair warning. Better a self-appointed Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat hiatus than suffering through that annoying avalanche of unbearable lovey-dovey nonsense.

An Awesome Limo Service for This Valentines Day

You have to know where will all that gooey propaganda lead. All the way to cry-town, population: you, if (god forbid) you don’t have anybody to kiss by the end of that particular evening. But you are smarter than these brainwashed masses! You will not fall victims to this Valentine’s Day gibberish like all other fools! Why would February 14th be any different than other days of the year? For crying out loud, it’s not even a proper national holiday (read: you have to show up at work), but people insist on having it be all red, pink and oh-so-terribly romantic. Gross.

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Your favorite limo company understands the frustration and knows the struggle. All the fakeness surrounding this non-holiday is so obvious. It’s a well-known fact that you don’t need a limo near me for Valentine’s Day (or any other day for that matter), and here are some reasons why:


You Don’t Need a Miami Black Car Service near You, Because You Love to Improvise!

If you hire a professional chauffeured service near my location, all your transportation needs will be met, and who wants that? Where’s the thrill in having your transfers precisely arranged? Meh, only the brave ones dare to improvise and think on their feet! You can wing it! Don’t restrict yourself to some rigid plans! Unpredictable forces of nature and moody traffic gods are the best companions on the road, didn’t you hear? You let the universe create your itinerary, that’s the only way to go!

Don’t, by any means, arrange yourself a Miami limo ride on hourly bases beforehand! Who knows if you’ll be in the mood for a luxurious and comfortable ride when the day arrives? Moreover, it will squeeze all potential fun out of your whimsical travel experience and give you the wrong, restricted kind of freedom. There’s not a single ounce of true, spontaneous thought in that! So what if you lose a little (or a lot) time on the road because something out of ordinary happened? So what if it’s a kind of a situation that an expert chauffeur could spot from a mile away and easily avoid? You’ll always find you’re way to the finish line. Alone. No matter how long it takes! It’s all a part of the journey.

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Who Wants to Look like a Cheapskate with Budget-Friendly Rides?

Cheapskate with Budget-Friendly Rides - Valentines Day

Nobody! And if your date accidentally finds out how much does the nearest limo rental cost with Driven Miami, there’s a risk of looking like a real penny pincher. Not that this fantastic fleet of cars or superb chauffeurs would ever give an impression of a less than phenomenal operation, that’s not the issue here. What if your date hopped to this user-friendly reservation page and found out how little you spent on the whole ordeal! In just a few clicks, nonetheless! Imagine the horror! Forget about good impressions… or getting lucky, it’s all downhill from when they realize that you’re the kind of person that pays more than reasonable prices for the best driver services in Miami!

Even if the well-mannered chauffeur picked you up at your airport or seaport and took you literally anywhere in South Florida, nothing would save you if they found out the actual numbers! Once they find out the price, there’s no coming back! Because who wants a person that spends a reasonable amount of money on superb transportation services, in order to get effective transfer worthy of a rock star?! No shopping trips, lavish restaurants, and pool parties won’t keep you away from that awkwardness. Are you sure you want to take that chance?

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Traffic & Parking Are Your Extreme Sport of Choice

You are not the kind of a person that walks away from a challenge! Any challenge! You live and breathe traffic jams and parking difficulties! You get a little bit annoyed and shout at some individuals who are not driving the way law intended? Big deal! They deserved it anyways! How else would you get your heart rate up? Exercising? Let’s be serious.

If it gets really bad, you can always get a cab. Yeah, they can be a bit inconsistent, may take forever to arrive, and you never know what you’re getting yourself into per se, but you’re in control over your travel activity… Kind of.

Is there a better feeling than having to drive when you’re tired? That’s the truest test of endurance!  Especially when you know that you could have been in the back seat taking a nap or collecting your thoughts before you arrive to your desired destination!

Being late and arriving irritable is a big part of the glorious adventure called life! Additionally, you surely noticed that people find it charming when you arrive all nervous and share that delicious negative energy you harvested behind the wheel of your own car or in a fight with that dodgy taxi driver. The stress suites you. All those annoyances are badges of honor you can’t wait to show off!

So, yeah, you’re better off not calling (305) 898-4315, and getting yourself a relaxed transfer from point A to point B with a company that you trust. You don’t need all smooth rides and coziness that some fancy cars provide, on Valentine’s Day, or any other day of the year. You relish in the thought of having to face all of the travel struggles all on your own! You’re not going to be anybody’s fool! And Driven team supports your determination, all the way!

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