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Decision Making at Its Worst and Best: FLL, PBI, or MIA? Port Palm Beach, Everglades or Miami?

   November 6th, 2018

The perks and curses of the modern age at times seem frighteningly similar.

You didn’t expect that kind of an interlude to a run of the mill post from a limo company near Miami?

Well, this black car rental company nearby is not your ordinary ground transportation firm. Of course, most of our goals consist of getting clients from point A to point B in the fastest way possible, and as comfortable as the rules of physics will allow. Still, Driven Miami team doesn’t believe that the true mission of ours ends when you’re dropped off at your final location. No, sir (or madam)! You’ve run into a transportation company that truly cares about your well being

Decision Making at Its Worst and Best: Port Palm Beach, Everglades or Miami?

Why Does Driven Miami Care About My Happiness?

Because, if the customers are not happy, all those shiny vehicles and fantastic prices would be in vain, and nobody wants that! That’s why Driven Miami is constantly on a mission to help you get your happy on, even if that meant things other than black car rides near you. From tips on how to increase the number of followers you have on Instagram,  what to do in Miami in spring and autumn, all the way to listing Miami’s best pool parties, restaurants and such. Presenting even a few out of many options the heart of Sunshine State has to offer, gives us hope you’ll stay bedazzled with its sandy beaches, famous sports venues, and fabulous shopping tours.

When Do Many Options Become too Many Options?

A nice selection of hotels, cruise holidays or nightclubs is a thing of convenience and privilege, of course. But an abundance of choices can become a problem. How? Even though it feels wonderful to pick the tourist attraction or concert your heart desires, having endless options tends to be overwhelming. Possibly because there’s always that pessimistic and elusive thought of: “Maybe there was a better alternative?”. That little seed of doubt frequently stands in the way of relief that should come after you make your final choice. All the “what ifs” can ruin the delight of, well, pretty much everything.

What Can You Do to Minimize the Stress of Choice Making?

To some degree,  it feels quite nice to be the literal maker of your own destiny and gather all the facts and do all the research needed, in order to make the rightest of choices. The amount of energy spent on decision making adds up over time, no matter how insignificant they seem. Just look at it this way: Choosing between chocolate and vanilla is much easier than selecting your favorite between hazelnut, stracciatella, strawberry, lavender, avocado… isn’t it? And that’s just something benign, not really that important (and it’s not that much of a threat to your budget). But the stakes are a bit higher when you’re thinking about which shoes to get or where do you want to spend your holidays, right? Not to mention which airport should be the location of your touchdown when you come to Miami, or which port is the best starting point of your vacation cruise and so on… So naturally, there’s much more time devoted to that kind of a research.

Airports - Port Palm Beach, Everglades or Miami

Let’s Talk About Airports and Seaports!

How far away is MIA from Port of Miami? Just a bit more than 11 miles. What is the shortest way to Everglades from Lauderdale –Hollywood International Airport? Only 5 miles and less than a 20-minute drive stand between you and your port! The similar distance is also the answer to the question “How many miles are there between West Palm Beach Airport and Palm Beach Port?”.

In a perfect and simple world, the best choice would always be the nearest when it comes to these kinds of things. But alas, sometimes, because of the cost of the flight and other various factors, the wiser decision is to arrive (or depart) from the airport that is not in the vicinity of your seaport, hotel, vacation house and so on. That can be resolved with one simple phone call, that can get you a Miami black car service near airport, but again… It’s one more choice to make.

How Can Driven Miami Help Me Reduce the Stress of Constant Choosing?

When you make us your go-to transportation provider near my area, that’s one less decision you have to make. And isn’t that neat? Driven Miami is your best bet considering all things transportation in South Florida. With us, you don’t have to worry if you’re missing out because you already know who has the title of number one transfer provider in Sunshine State, right?

Let us be your jack of all trades, your concierge, confidant, a partner in crime when it comes to all things transportation in Miami, and you’ll never have to choose your ride or route again. Experts at Driven Miami will do that gladly on your behalf.

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