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Miami New Times Said It: “Driven Miami Will Help You Go from a Commuter to a Rock Star!”

   August 23rd, 2019

It is no secret that Miami truly is magical. With its gorgeous coastline, beautiful weather, fantastic living conditions, and fun all-year-around that it offers, you’ll enjoy every bit of this magnificent city! Whether you are only visiting, scanning the city for potential reasons why you should move to Miami, or you are a steady local, there’s something for everyone to enjoy here. 

What’s so great about Miami, anyway? The cute thing is that it is not just curious photographers, party lovers, sports enthusiasts and street artists who talk great about the city. Journalists from Miami New Times praise it, too! This time around journalists went all out talking about that one trait that’s giving Miami an extra oomph – its luxury limo transportation provided by Driven Miami!

Driven Miami Will Help You Go from a Commuter to a Rock Star

What is Driven Miami?

Driven Miami is Miami’s finest black car transportation, at everyone’s service 24/7. The best limo transportation nearby comes to you dressed as limo rental option that’s easy to book, super luxurious, has an incredible fleet of cars, and fit for every occasion. 

With a long tradition of being the first nearby limo company to rely on for everything from airport transportation and business travel to Miami shopping tours and rides to the best restaurants in Miami, Driven Miami is giving you the best treatment you can imagine. 

The service provided is so great that even the newspaper decided to give it some credit. As described in Miami New Times,

“Having someone else take the wheel during rush hour is the ultimate Miami luxury. And if your stress-free journey is enhanced by arriving at your destination in deluxe comfort and style, you’ll go from feeling like a commuter to a rock star. Driven Miami offers one of the most fun ways to go out and about in Magic City. Its fleet of new cars is piloted by professional chauffeurs fluent in English, Polish, Serbian, and Russian. Drivers are trained to tailor itineraries and provide topnotch concierge service including suggestions about the hottest local bars, restaurants, pool parties, and other happenings”.

The newspaper further observes that,

“The fun begins as soon as you enter one of the fully equipped luxury cars, and you can create new memories riding anywhere in South Florida”.

Miami New Times - Driven Miami

You’ll also read in that “Booking is easy through the company’s website or mobile app. Rates vary depending upon the car selected, rental time, travel distance, and number of passengers. Driven Miami is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week”.

Does this sound like something of interest to you? Depending on your lifestyle and ways you like to have your transportation handled, Driven Miami could be everything you need daily or occasionally. People get used to the good stuff easily, and once you see the type of attention you’re given with this phenomenal limo company, there’s no going back! 

How to book limo near me with Driven Miami? Either call at (305) 898-4315 or contact the company through their booking widget, as suggested earlier. Another, very useful and most commonly exercised option is to use Voice Search on your smartphone and issue a “limousine near me”, “the nearest limo”, “limo to rent in the vicinity”, and similar commands to have us show up at your doorstep.

Your good rides start today, and if you don’t believe us – believe Miami New Times!

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