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Why Move to Miami? A Simple Guide Telling You How to Be Sure Miami Is the City for You

   August 7th, 2019

Considering moving to Miami but aren’t sure if the Magic City is the right place for you? Well, chances are you’ll be packing your suitcase the moment you finish this article! Why? Because Miami is the perfect city for everyone: men and women, young and old, Americans and foreigners! If you are on the lookout for a life filled with breathtaking beaches, incredible cultural spots, incredibly varied cuisine and the bulk of nightlife and entertainment options – Miami is the city for you.

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Here are 10 reasons why people are massively moving to the stunning seaport city of Miami.

No Taxes on Income - A Simple Guide

No Taxes on Income, Inheritance, and Estate

For everyone who’s looking to live in a city that allows them to stretch the dollars they earn, Florida (and Miami specifically) is the answer. Unlike some other American states, Florida doesn’t impose taxes on the estate, income, and inheritance. For instance, the difference in taxes between California and Florida is big enough to pay a McDonald’s employee for a year. Go figure! 

Amazing Places to Live at Low Prices

You wouldn’t be the first one considering a move based on the money you spend on rent and life in general. To give you an idea: places like New York and San Francisco will get you a semi-nice but a usually crowded place for $2000. Not Miami. In Miami, you can live across the American Airlines Arena for $1600, in an apartment with 15-feet- high ceilings. Have around $200 extra? Rent a place in the Midtown area with floor-to-ceiling windows and an outstanding ocean view! See? 

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Openness to New Cultures

Whoever’s looking to turn their lives into an adventure or needs an upgrade for the sameness of their mundane lives, moving to Miami is it. The city’s astonishing cosmopolitan vibe makes it easy for everyone to fit in! Here, you’ll never hear anyone say “I am a true-blue Miamian” or have someone give you side-eye because you weren’t Miami-born. Bye-bye snobs, hello Miamians! 

Amazing Weather All Year Round

If there’s a city in the world known for its constantly tropical climate, it’s Miami. With an average high of 27C and an average low of just 16 C, Miami is the best city to live in if you’d rather skip winters and enjoy gorgeously pleasant weather. Plus, the climate is perfect for anyone who suffers from various joint disorders. 

Get In And Out Easily

Get In and Out - A Simple Guide

It is no secret that Miami is one of America’s most accessible cities to travel to and from. This is mostly thanks to Miami International Airport (MIA) and well-organized transportation inside the city. 

While MIA is one of the world’s busiest airports, everything about it organized to a T, enabling both youngsters and people in their golden years to travel comfortably. Is your birthday coming up? Jump in an airplane and spend it in the Bahamas! Want to elope? Go to the Maldives or Palau on the first flight! Other than these destinations, MIA allows for non-stop flights to over 70 major cities in America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

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The Ease of Commute 

Given how big the city, living in Miami often requires commuting. For some, that means owning a car is essential while for other public transport is well-enough. You can choose among Metrobus, Metrorail, Metromover, and Trolley. There’s also a ride called Freebee with an app that arranges free rides! It lets you go to Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne, Coral Gables, Downtown Miami, Wynwood, Brickell, Miami Lakes, and most of Miami Beach. It’s true, they do look like golf carts, but the price is fantastic! 

Luxury Stuff All-Around 

Miami is great because it also offers extravagant transportation with privately-owned companies like Driven Miami

Driven Miami is Miami’s first and best black car company in the area, suited for virtually all types of occasions. The prices vary depending on the kind of service you need, but they are generally fitted for everyone’s wallet. Whether you are heading to a pool party in Miami, on a shopping tour or anywhere else, Driven Miami is who to reserve your ride with. Keep things easy and classy! 

Topnotch Health Services - A Simple Guide

Topnotch Cleanliness and Health Services 

If you decide to move to Miami, that means you’ll be living in America’s cleanest city – at least that’s what Forbes magazine claims. Although this data goes back to 2008, Miami is always in the top five cleanest cities in the USA, which makes it a perfect spot to live – whether for kids, grownups, or pets. How was this ranking generated? It was based on several criteria, such as healthcare affordability and quality. There are also lifestyle choices like statistics on obesity, alcoholics, smokers, daily-exercisers, etc. that played a role in generating the ranking. Miami is all about living healthily and, hopefully, living longer. 

Lots of Beaches to Choose From

Do reasons why move to Miami really complete the list without mentioning its gorgeous beaches? Absolutely not! Miami’s shorelines welcome everyone who’s into pristine beaches, turquoise waters, water sports and the calm that comes with every sea-gazing. Apart from the super famous Miami Beach and South Beach, you’ll also get to enjoy Haulover Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Virginia Key Beach, Homestead Bayfront Park, and Marina. If you are more into secluded spaces (but equally gorgeous!), you can always visit Virginia Key, 85th Street Beach, and Matheson Hammock Park Beach. A good thing to know is that sea adventures are available for everyone, regardless of age!

Entertainment Everywhere, in Various Forms

You can’t live in Florida and be bored! If you are moving to Miami from cities like New York and other concrete jungles, you’ll love how diverse the city is (and far cheaper!) in what it has to offer. So, choose your activity: run, jog, or bike along Miami’s paved paths or go to any of the Miami 800 parks – you’ll love it!

Miami is perfect for living, career upgrades, entertainment, and everything else in between! If/When you decide to move, add Driven Miami number – (305) 898-4315 – to your speed dial, get into Miami mood, and let the thrill begin!

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